County Budget and Appropriations Committee

Chairperson; County Budget and Appropriation Committee

Shall be to investigate, inquire into and report on all matters related to coordination, control and monitoring of the of the county budget, discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the Assembly, examine the County Budget Policy Statement presented to the Assembly, examine Bills related to the national budget, including Appropriations Bills and evaluate tax estimates, economic and budgetary policies and programs with direct budget outlays.


S/No Member Designation Ward
1. Hon. Wanjiru Isaac Kung’u Chairperson Wanjohi
2. Hon. Karanja Reuben Gitau  Vice Chairperson Shamata
3. Hon. Kiiru Gachomba James  Member  Njabini Kiburu
4. Hon. Mburu Paul Kiruka Member Charagita
5. Hon. Mburu Simon Mbugo Member Weru
6. Hon. Ndirangu Milkah Wanjiru Member Kiriita
7. Hon. Gachino John Thuo Member Kanjuiri Range
8. Hon. Mbae Isaac Kamau Member  Githioro
9. Hon. Ndung’u Daniel Gitau Member Karau
10. Hon. Mwangi Milkah Nyambura Member Specially Elected
11. Hon. Manga Patience Nyambura Member Specially Elected

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