Office Of The Clerk

Mr. Mukiri Muchiri is the Clerk of the Nyandarua County Assembly and subsequently, the Secretary to the Nyandarua County Assembly Service Board.

Before his appointment, he served in the Assembly as the Senior Deputy Clerk and Director of Information and Corporate Communication Services. Previously, he was the County ICT Manager in Makueni County serving under the Transitional Authority (TA).

He has a wide practical experience in the ICT field in technical and administrative areas spanning over 10 years acquired in both private and public sectors.

His office is established pursuant to Section 13 of the County Governments Act, 2012 which provides that there shall be a clerk of the county assembly, appointed by the county assembly service board with the approval of the county assembly.

A person shall not be qualified for appointment as a clerk of the county assembly unless such person—

(a) is a citizen of Kenya;

(b) holds a degree from a university recognized in Kenya or its equivalent;

(c) has had at least five years relevant professional experience;

(d) meets the requirements of leadership and integrity set out in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

The Clerk of a County Assembly is an authorized Officer and in addition to the functions conferred as Secretary to the Board, the functions and powers of the clerk of a county assembly shall be as set out under section 19 of the County Assembly Services Act, 2017 which state that the Clerk shall be;

(a) the chief administrative officer of the county assembly; and

(b) responsible for the day-to-day management and functioning of the county assembly.

Further, pursuant to section 19 of the County Assembly Services Act, 2017, the procedural functions of the Clerk shall include—

(a) the rendering of expert, non-partisan and impartial advice to the members of the county assembly on the legislative process, and parliamentary procedure and practice; and

(b) the carrying out such other duties and exercising powers as may be conferred on him or her by law or by the Standing Orders and practices of the county assembly.

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