Committee On Implementation


Shall scrutinize the resolutions of the Assembly (including adopted committee reports), petitions and the undertakings given by the County Executive. Committee examine whether or not such decisions and undertakings have been implemented and where implemented, the extent to which they have been implemented and whether such implementation has taken place within the minimum time necessary and whether or not legislation passed by the Assembly has been operationalized and where operationalized, the extent to which such operationalization has taken place within the minimum time necessary.


1. Hon. Kamwana Geoffrey Waruiru ChairpersonGathaara
2. Hon. Mathenge Cathryn NyawiraVice ChairpersonSpecially Elected
3. Hon. Kamau Peter GathunguMember Leshau Pondo
4. Hon. Kaiyani  Samuel RimuiMemberGithabai
5. Hon. Wanjiru Isaac Kung’uMemberWanjohi
7. Hon. Gachino John ThuoMemberKanjuiri Range
7. Hon. Wangari Esther WaitheraMemberSpecially Elected
8. Hon. Patrick Muhindi KariukiMemberSpecially Elected
9. Hon. Njoki Benson KiarieMemberSpecially Elected

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