Core Values

Nyandarua County Assembly Service shall uphold;

  1. Accessibility – The assembly shall strive to ensure that services are accessible in a timely
    manner for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
  2. Accountability – Nyandarua County Assembly (NCA) shall be accountable to those who will be affected by its decisions or actions. It shall seek to be open in accordance with the law
  3. Equity – The assembly endeavors to observe fairness and a balance in distribution of resources and benefits accruing from the Assembly’s programs. We seek to model fairness and justice in our community
  4. Integrity – The assembly values high standards of ethical behavior at all times. NCA shall uphold honesty and strong moral principles in all decisions and actions. It shall maintain high standards in the discharge of responsibilities and delivery of services by abiding to professional considerations on the methods, standards and procedures in our work.
  5. Team work – The assembly is committed to teamwork in the discharge of its mandate. This is in realization that in order to achieve its purpose, there is need to synergize with its various stakeholders.
  6. Innovation – The assembly is committed to fostering an enabling environment that encourages innovation, creativity and continuous improvement in productivity in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

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