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County Assembly Service Board

County Assembly Service Board( CASB)

Mandate of the Board

  1. Purpose 
    The Nyandarua County Assembly Service Board is responsible of overseeing all the operations and businesses of the Assembly in ensuring that effective use of the assembly resources. It also serve as a link with external organizations such as  development partners, county governments and the National Government.
  2. Membership 
    The County Assembly Service Board is composed of the Speaker who is the Chair, Majority leader, Minority Leader , one Board member and the Clerk of the Assembly who is the secretary of the Board.
  3. Boards Meetings
    The Board of Management meeting are convened whenever there important issues to be deliberated and reviewing of the Assembly progress.
  4. Mandate 
    To recognize key strategic issues, risks and challenges for talent management, leadership development and succession planning strategies the Board is mandated to :
  • To implement talent identification activities
  • To implement effective attraction and recruitment processes to attract talented individuals
  • To develop effective performance management processes.
  • To develop career paths for staff
  • To develop a range of talent and leadership development interventions for the Board
  • To implement a practical talent management and succession planning strategy for County Assembly
  • To get buy in for a talent management strategy for the Board from a range of stakeholders.
  • To develop a measurement methodology for the organization.
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