Directorate Of Information And Corporate Communication & Research Services

The directorate is composed of four departments and one section;

  • ICT department
  • Research Services Department
  • Hansard department
  • Research department
  • Communication Services
  • Library Section

ICT Department

The department is headed by a Principal ICT Officer.

The major functions of the department are;

(a)Network and Internet Connectivity

(b)E-Parliament system management

(c)Website Management

(d)Acquisition of ICT equipment and related Accessories

(e)Repair and maintenance of ICT equipment

(f)ICT Users Support

(g)Live streaming

(h)CCTV Management

(i)Biometric system management

(j)Facilitating virtual Meetings

Research Services Department

The department is headed by a Principal Research Officer.

It provides evidence based and non-partisan professional legislative research assistance and analysis to the Board, Members of County Assembly (MCAs), Committees and Staff of the Assembly.

Roles and responsibilities of research officers

  1. Provision of non-partisan professional research assistance and analysis to MCAs, Committees and Staff of the Assembly.
  2. Provision of technical advice and support to County Assembly Committees.
  3. Provision of expert interpretation, explanations and analysis of policies.
  4. Undertaking auxiliary research on matters of County importance.
  5. Maintaining a periodically updated inventory of publications on current issues, legislation and major public policy issues/questions (Knowledge management).

Library Section

Nyandarua County Assembly library was established in 2015 and is an integral information resource to the Members of the County Assembly and Staff. It assists users in accessing information resources/services within the library as strives to meet the uses expectations. It assists the County Assembly achieve its mission by providing ready, accessible and relevant information for decision making and implementation. External users can access information resources with authority from the Office of the Clerk

Objective of the library

Selection and acquisition of relevant information resources

Processing and organizing information resources for ease of access and retrieval by library users.

To address information needs of Nyandarua County Assembly Library users to enable them make effective use of available information resources.

Collaborate with other Libraries for information and resource sharing

To enhance a better integration of information services within the County Assembly

Services offered in the library.

The library shall offer the following services to Members of the County assembly, staff and other external users:

  1. Information and reference/research assistance
  2. User referral to a different library
  3. Document acquisition and delivery.
  4. Charging and discharging of information resources
  5. Technical services i.e. Cataloguing and Classification
  6. Library research instruction/ information literacy
  7. Inter Library Loan services
  8. Selective Dissemination of Information
  9. Current Awareness Service
  10. Useful, dynamic library web page that provides round the clock access to resources
  11. Internet Services
  12. Remotely accessible research databases
  13. Reprographic services, photocopying, printing and scanning
  14. Book reservations
  15. Spacious seating area and study carrels for users
  16. Multi- Media services e.g. CD ROM, Audio recordings etc.
  17. Personalized assistance to users with Disability.

Communication Services


1) Internal and External Communication
2) Proactive Media Reporting
3) Media Relations
4) Documentation of Events
5) Branding

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