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Directorate of Legal, Legislative, Procedural, Research & Committee Services


Director of Legal, Legislative, Procedural & Committee Services

Directorate of Legal, Legislative, Procedural & Committee Services

This Directorate is composed of three departments, namely:

  1. Legal department
  2. Procedure and Committee Services department.

Each department is headed by a principal officer.

The directorate undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Offering procedural advice during plenary sessions in the Assembly and committee meetings.
  2. Providing legal advice, giving interpretations of bills and acts and representation of the Assembly in court proceedings.
  3. Providing secretarial services to Assembly committees.
  4. Drafting bills and motions.
  5. Conducting professional research for the County Assembly members and members of staff.
  6. Providing expert interpretation, explanation, and analysis of data.
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