Health Services Committee

Hon. Paul Ngeche Wambaire

All matters related to county health services, including, in particular county health facilities and pharmacies, ambulance services, promotion of primary health care, licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public, veterinary services (excluding regulation of the profession), cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria, and animal control and welfare, including licensing of dogs and facilities for the accommodation, care and burial of animals.


1Hon. Paul Ngeche Wambaire Chairman Kipipiri
2Hon. Beth Wahito NjorogeVice-Chairperson Specially Elected
3Hon. Maina Peter MwangiMemberCentral
4Hon. Mwangi Gichuki James MemberEngineer
5Hon. Wanjiru  Isaac Kung’uMemberWanjohi
6Hon.  Kiriga Peter Thinji MemberRurii
7Hon. Waruiru Kamwana GeoffreyMember Gathaara
8Hon. Mugaki Maureen WairimuMemberSpecially Elected
9Hon. Babu Juliana MugureMember Specially Elected


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