Shall guide and co-ordinate the operations, policies and mandates of all Committees, deliberate on and apportion the annual operating budget among the Committees, consider the programes of all Committees, including their need to travel and sit away from the precincts of Assembly, ensure that Committees submit reports as required by these Standing Orders, determine, whenever necessary, the committee or committees to deliberate on any matter and give such advice relating to the work and mandate of select committees as it may consider necessary.


1. Hon. Samuel Chege Gathirimu Chairperson
2. Hon. Paul Ngeche Wambaire Vice- Chairperson
3. Hon. Nyagah Elijah Mwangi Leader of the Majority
4.Hon. Stephen Wachira
Chairperson; House Business Committee
5. Hon. Dancun Githinji Chege Chairperson; County Public Accounts and
6.Hon. Isaac Kungu Wanjiru

Chairperson; County Budget and Appropriations Committee

7. Hon. Geoffrey Waruiru
Chairperson; Committee on Implementation
8. Hon. Daniel Gitau Ndung’u Chairperson; Committee on Delegated County Legislation
9. Hon. Milkah Wanjiru Ndirangu Chairperson;  Members’ Welfare, Catering and Library
10. Hon. Hussein Kassana Ndung’u Chairperson; Legal Affairs, Labour and Intergovernmental Relations and Coordination,
11. Hon. Edinald Kingori
Chairperson; Public Service, Administration and Devolution
12. Hon. Paul Kiruka Mburu Chairperson; Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
14. Hon. Simon Mbogo Mburu Chairperson;  Public works, Roads, Transport, Housing and Energy
15. Hon. John Thuo Gachino Chairperson; Lands, Physical Planning and Urban Development
16. Hon. Peter Kamau Gathungu Chairperson;  Education, Children, Gender Affairs, Culture and Social
17. Hon. Samuel Rimui Kaiyani Chairperson;  Tourism, Cooperatives Development, Trade and
18. Hon. Isaac Kamau Mbae Chairperson; Water, Environment, Climate Change and Natural
19. Hon. Joseph Thuo Kuria Chairperson;  Youth Empowerment, Sports and the Arts
20. Hon. Zachary Mwangi Njeru Chairperson;  Finance and Economic Planning and ICT
21. Hon. Peter Thinji Kiriga Chairperson;  Special Funds Accounts Committee

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