County Public Accounts and Investment Committee


Examine the accounts showing the appropriations of the sum voted by the House to meet the public expenditure and of such other accounts laid before the House as the Committee may think fit the reports and accounts of all county public investments, examine the reports, if any, of the Auditor General on the public investments and examine, in the context of the autonomy and efficiency of the public investments, whether the affairs of the public investments, are being managed in accordance with sound financial or business principles and prudent commercial practices.


1. Hon. Chege Duncan GithinjiChairpersonGatimu
2.Hon. Babu Juliana MugureVice ChairpersonSpecially Elected
3. Hon.(Eng.) Rimui Kaiyani SamuelMemberGithabai
4. Hon. Wainaina Samuel MathuMemberMirangine
5.Hon. Wambugu King’ori  EdinaldMemberNorth Kinangop
6. Hon. Wangari Esther WaitheraMemberSpecially Elected
7. Hon. Kithinji Lucy KageniMemberSpecially Elected
8. Hon. Ngatia Naomi MuthoniMemberSpecially Elected
9. Hon. Mwangi Gichuki JamesMemberEngineer
10. Hon. Kariuki Patrick Muhindi MemberSpecially Elected
11. Hon. Njoki Benson Kiarie MemberSpecially Elected

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