Water, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources

All matters relating to water and sanitation services, refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal, forestry, control of air pollution, noise pollution, other public nuisances, including implementation of specific national government policies on natural resources and environmental conservation including soil and water conservation and forestry.

Current Members:

S/No Name Designition Ward
1. Hon. Isaac Kamau Mbae Chairperson Githioro
2.  Hon. Njarara Carolyne Wangu Vice- Chairperson Specially Elected
3.  Hon. Mburu  Paul Kiruka Member Charagita
4. Hon. Mwangi Gichuki James Member Engineer
5.  Hon. Ngeche Paul Wambaire Member Kipipiri
6.  Hon. Wainaina Samuel Mathu Member Mirangine
7.  Hon. Ndirangu Milkah Wanjiru Member  Kiriita
8.  Hon. Mwangi Maina Ebrahim Member Murungaru
9.  Hon. Kithinji Lucy Kageni Member Specially Elected


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